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March 2015:

  • 3 March: A 1941 deHavilland DH-82A Tiger Moth, I-GATO (c/n 85253), crashed in a field near Nervesa della Battaglia (Battle Ground), Italy. Both the pilot and passenger were injured, and the plane was substantially damaged. Photos show that the aircraft appeared to hit the only tree in a rather large field. [Newspaper report>>]

  • 5 March: A 1942 Ryan ST3KR (PT-22) Recruit, N53178, lost engine power and made a heavy forced landing on the fairway of a golf course in Venice, California, adjacent to the Santa Monica Airport. The pilot, veteran actor and pilot/owner Harrison Ford, was injured in the accident, but is expected to recover. [Local idiotic news report>>]

  • 10 March: A deHavilland DH-82A Tiger Moth, ZK-BMY (s/n DHNZ101), ended up on its nose during landing at Tauranga, New Zealand. The pilot and passenger escaped injury, and the aircraft appeared to suffer relatively minor damage. [News report>>]

  • 11 March: A 1992 BAe Hawk Mk. 67 (T-59) jet, N506XX (c/n 386/6K011), operated by a civilian defense contractor, veered off the runway on takeoff at MCAS Yuma, Arizona, USA, impacting a nearby government vehicle and catching fire. A U.S. Marine inside the vehicle was killed. The two pilots were examined at the hospital and released. [Local news report>>]

  • 12 March: A 1943 Boeing A75N1 / PT-17 Stearman, N7772J (s/n 75-8175), nosed-over during landing in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, USA. The pilot, who was not injured, reported that a wingtip caught a snow bank during the roll-out.

  • 23 March: "Doc," the Boeing B-29 Superfortress that was restored over the past 15 years after being rescued from certain doom on a California bombing range, was rolled out of its hangar for the first time in Wichita, Kansas, USA. Doc will become only the second airworthy B-29 in the world when it makes its first post-restoration flight sometime later this year. [Rollout video>>]

April 2015:

  • 3 April: A Flug Werk FW-190A8/N replica, ZK-RFR, suffered the collapse of one of its main landing gear after the failure of one of its brakes during landing in Blenheim, New Zealand. The pilot was not injured. The aircraft was substantially damaged. [Local news story>>]

  • 3 April: A Yakovlev Yak-52, N555GD, crashed in a field in a rural farm area near Lebanon, Indiana, USA. The aircraft and its pilot were subsequently missing for more than a week, and were located on 12 April. [Local news story>>] [Editor's note: Owner/pilot Glenn Foy was a friend of ours. He will be missed.]

  • 6 April: A 1945 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk. XVIII, G-BUOS (SM845), was damaged by fire in an unspecified incident at Humberside Airport, North Lincolnshire, UK. No one was injured in the incident, and damage to the aircraft is unknown.  [Local news story>>]

  • 23 April: The Chanute Air Museum in Rantoul, Illinois, USA has announced that it will be closing at the end of the year due to funding issues. The museum is located on the historic, former Chanute Air Force Base, which was a maintenance training center for much of its life. [Local news.>>]

  • 23 April: A 1947 North American L-17/NA-145 Navion, N947SH, landed gear-up and slid off the side of the runway in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The pilot was not injured.

  • 24 April: The team working to restore the first "Air Force One," a 1948 Lockheed VC-121A Constellation called "Columbine II" (s/n 48-0610), has announced that they will be purchasing the aircraft in June, and returning it to fully airworthy condition. Dynamic Aviation of Bridgewater, Virginia, USA plans to eventually fly the aircraft to many airshows and display it during various history events.

  • 26 April: A Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog nosed-over upon landing in Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada. The two pilots on board were not injured.

  • 30 April: A 1951 North American T-28S Trojan/Fennec, N14113 ("Little Rascal", c/n 51-7545), suffered the collapse of its nosegear at Duxford Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire, UK. The pilot was not injured.

May 2015:

  • 7 May: The 1945 Avro Lancaster (PA474 / "Thumper") operated by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) suffered in inflight engine fire while flying over Lincolnshire, UK, but landed safely at its home base, RAF Coningsby. [News story>>]

  • 8 May: A Bell UH-1B Iroquois/Huey helicopter, N46969 (c/n 63-8548), crashed during logging operations in Orient, Washington, USA. The pilot reported minor injuries.

  • 10 May: A 1940 Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3, N44970, experienced the collapse of its landing gear during landing at Chandler, Arizona, USA. The pilot was not injured.

  • 16 May: A Yakovlev Yak-18T, N36YK (c/n 0535A), suffered the collapse of its landing gear during landing at Camarillo, California, USA. Minor damage to the aircraft was reported, and neither occupant of the aircraft was injured.

  • 20 May: A Boeing PT-17 Stearman, N55528, went off the runway and flipped over during landing in Williamson, Georgia, USA. The aircraft was substantially damaged, and both occupants received minor injures.

  • 24 May: A 1940 Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc, F-AZXR (P3351), suffered a landing mishap in Darois, France, resulting in the aircraft coming to rest on its nose. The pilot was not injured.

  • 25 May: A 1956 Hawker FB.10 Sea Fury, N254SF ("Sea Hawk"), departed the edge of the runway during landing in Denver, Colorado, USA, collapsing the landing gear and doing significant, but repairable, damage. The pilot was not injured.

  • 25 May: A Yakovlev Yak-52, N124FS (c/n 811614), crashed under unknown circumstances in a field near Syracuse, Kansas, USA. The pilot was killed.

  • 28 May: A 1984 Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros jet, N6175C (c/n 432942), struck a high-tension power cable while in flight near De Beque Canyon, Colorado, USA. The power cable snapped, fell to the ground, and damaged the windshields of several cars and a truck traveling on Interstate 70. The pilot burned off excess fuel and landed at Grand Junction, Colorado. Substantial damage to the aircraft's wing was reported.

June 2015:

  • 8 June: A 1983 Yakovlev Yak-52, N5979X (c/n 833010), suffered the collapse of its right main landing gear while taxiing at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA. Neither the pilot nor passenger were injured.

  • 11 June: A 1944 Beechcraft RC-45J Expeditor, N585PB (c/n 029585), veered off the runway and struck two runway signs in Everett, Washington, USA. No one was injured, but the aircraft suffered substantial damage.

  • 21 June: A 1993 Yakovlev Yak-18T, N189AK (c/n 10-33) made a forced landing in a field near Laurel, Montana. The pilot was not injured. The aircraft sustained unknown damage.

  • 22 June: A Short S312 Tucano T Mk.1, N206PZ, crashed near Ventucopa, California, USA, apparently during maneuvering flight. The pilot, award-winning film composer James Horner, was killed. The crash started a brush fire that burned approximately one acre of land.

  • 29 June: A Consolidated Vultee PBY-6A Catalina flying boat, N85U (c/n 64041), which was being used in the filming of a movie near Orange Beach, Alabama, USA, began taking on water. The crew attempted to intentionally beach the aircraft, but this effort was only partially successful. The aircraft remained in the shallow water near the shore for several days, after which a crane-assisted rescue was attempted. Unfortunately, the aircraft's hull broke in two during this operation. [Local news story>>]

July 2015:

  • 2 July: A 1941 Boeing PT-17 Stearman, N44SN (c/n 75-2763), made a forced landing in a field near Louis, Kansas, USA. The pilot was not injured, and the aircraft suffered unknown damage.

  • 4 July: A 1947 Aeronca 7BCM/L-16 Grasshopper, N10497, crashed near Portland, Texas, USA, along the shore of Corpus Christi Bay. Both the pilot and his passenger were killed, and the aircraft was destroyed. The aircraft was seen flying low along the shoreline before the accident.

  • 5 July: A 1941 Meyers OTW-160 biplane, N26476 (c/n 29), force-landed in a field near Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA. Neither the pilot nor the passenger were injured.

  • 10 July: At least three Supermarine Spitfires and three Hawker Hurricanes took part in a ceremonial flypast over London, UK, in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The vintage aircraft, operated by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), were joined by at least four Eurofighter Typhoon jets. [BBC News report>>]

  • 24 July: A 1941 Hawker Hurricane Mk XIIa, N54FH (c/n CCF/R32007), operated by the Flying Heritage Collection, lost a wheel during landing in Everett, Washington, USA. The propeller struck the runway, resulting in damage to the prop and engine.

  • 25 July: A 1943 Boeing PT-17/B75N1 Stearman, N5820V (c/n 75-7728), flipped over on landing at Shelter Island, New York, USA. The pilot was not injured.

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