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Warbirds: WarbirdAlley is an An online resource for owners, operators, maintainers and enthusiasts of surplus ex-military airplanes.

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DC-3: A Legend in Her Time: A 75th Anniversary Photographic Tribute

Author: Bruce McAllister
Published: April 2010
Publisher: Roundup Press
Hardcover, 256 pages

A comprehensive photographic essay covering the entire history of the DC-3.

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The Black Diamonds Jet Team







Warbird Alley, Copyright 2011
Warbird Alley: An online reference source for information about airworthy, privately-owned, ex-military aircraft.

An online reference source for information about airworthy,
privately-owned, ex-military aircraft.

Whether you're a warbird owner, pilot, mechanic, restorer, crewmember, collector or history enthusiast, there's something here for you. We're constantly updating the information on this site, so check back often for new material.


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Newly-updated Pilot Resources page:
Our Pilot Resources page contains useful flight planning resources, forms, and other online information specifically for U.S.-based pilots and aircraft owners/operators. It has been updated for 2015. We hope you'll bookmark it in your browser, and use it often!
Pardon Our Dust: As you browse our site, you are likely to encounter a few pages that look weird, or are laid out differently than the others. This is due to a major overhaul we're gradually performing on our pages in order to comply with modern browser standards. We'll also be adding a significant number of aircraft data pages. It'll all be worth it in the end -- you'll be able to enjoy our site that much more. But it sure is a mess to do. Thanks for your patience!

Safety: The March/April 2015 edition of the FAA Safety Briefing magazine is now available, either as a PDF download or in a print version. It's free, and it's a very good publication. We recommend it!

Also, the Warbirds of America organization has created a new website called "WarbirdSafety.com" that contains a growing library of good advice for those who operate warbird aircraft. Check it out!


Recent Media Stories of Interest:

 California, USA: Divers Discover Wreck of Korean War-Era Plane off San Diego...

 Texas, USA: Abilene WWII Veteran Reunited With Lost Plane
 Louisiana, USA: WWII Veteran Signs B-17 Wing Panel
 Arizona, USA: Lake Havasu Offering Cash to Find Lost Wreckage

 New York, USA: Shipwreck Hunters Make Rare Find... Air Force Plane...

 Idaho, USA: WWII-Era Plane Crash Site Rediscovered at Idaho Nat'l Laboratory 

 Florida, USA: After Years Buried In Everglades, Another Warplane Mystery Solved

 British Columbia, Canada: Excavations Continue at Crash Site That Claimed Four...

 Colorado, USA: Retired Pilot Proposing Aircraft Museum
 Alaska, USA: Photographer Visits Historic Aircraft Crash Sites With A "Happy End"
 Alaska, USA: Crashed Military Plane Found in Glacier   
 Scunthorpe, UK: Honouring Heroes Killed In Crash
 Oregon, USA: Piece of Torpedo Bomber Fuselage Is All That Remains...
 Kent, UK: Dornier 17: Salvaging A Rare WWII Plane From The Seabed
 Pennsylvania, USA: WWII Plane Crash Records Surface Decades After...

See our News page for many more warbird-related news items.

Cockpit Photos: We're adding a new feature to many of the aircraft profiles pages -- cockpit photos! The small thumbnails will enlarge to full-size when you click on them. See the T-34 Page for an example.

If you have large, clear, well-lit photos of warbird cockpits, we want your submissions! Send your cockpit photos to editor@warbirdalley.com, and we'll get them posted. Thanks!

( Latest additions: F-86A and MiG-21)

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Warbird Video of the Week:

St. Barths Airshow 2011 - Texas Flying Museum

Note: If you cannot see the video above, it may be because Flash video (or video streaming in general)
is not installed or enabled on your computer, or because your administrator or your government
has blocked certain video capabilities on your system. Sucks to be you.
The direct link for the video is: http://youtu.be/KcpRYMaB3fw

We're pleased to feature the work of noted
aviation photographer Max Haynes. Visit his site for more!


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What's it like to fly your airplane? Send us your first-person pilot report (500+ words) about a warbird you've flown as a pilot, and we'll add your report to our site so others can enjoy it. Please see our Submissions page.

Publish Your Photos!

We encourage you to submit high-quality warbird photos that you'd like to share with others. Please see our Submissions page.

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