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Saving A Grasshopper
By Paul Smith

This book is about the author finding a WWII liaison plane, researching its military history, and then restoring it to absolutely original, authentic, and flying condition.  -- [From a reader review.]



Those Legendary Piper Cubs
By Carroll V. Glines

A history of the world-famous Piper light planes from their origin as a brainchild of Clarence G. Taylor through the series of fabric-covered, high-wing, single-engine descendants that preserved the aircrafts general profile. Company founder William T. Piper, Sr. believed that light planes for student instruction and airport flying services could be produced profitably at low cost. He became known as the Henry Ford of aviation as the company produced more light aircraft than any other manufacturer in the world. The text includes many uses of the various models, interesting modifications and experimental spin-offs. It concludes with accounts of several adventurers who flew their vintage Cubs without radios, blind flying instruments or navigational aids.



Lightplanes at War : U.S. Liaison Aircraft in Europe, 1942-1947
By Ken Wakefield

This book is a very good photo survey of WWII observer planes. This book, and the autrhor's later work, "The Fighting Grasshoppers," are easily THE standard references by which all others are judged. Technically, it is excellent and well-footnoted, with good photos.


L-Birds: American Combat Liaison Aircraft of World War II
By Terry M. Love

This is the seldom-told story of the significant liaison aircraft of WWII, including the Stinson L-1 and L-5, the Taylorcraft L-2, the Aeronca L-3, the Piper L-4 and more... all the way up to the L-12. Includes specifications, unit histories and many photos.



The Fighting Grasshoppers:
US Liaison Aircraft Operations in Europe, 1942-1945

By Ken Wakefield

In total some 3,000 American liaison aircraft -- mainly Piper L-4 Cubs and Stinson L-5 Sentinels -- served in Europe, yet no in depth account of their activities has ever been published. Although unarmed and un-armored, they were used extensively on operational missions by both the USAAF and Army Ground Forces. With the USAAF in Europe they carried out low level reconnaissance and front line courier duties with nine liaison squadrons of the Ninth Air Force. This book relates in detail the activities of these units for the first time.



U.S. Liaison Aircraft in Action (Aircraft #195, Squadron/Signal)
By Al Adcock

Extensive photos and illustrations of this aircraft type inside and out, showing variations, models, and configurations.



Piper Cub Tales
By Frank B. Baker

Join the book's author as he flies adventure filled cross-country flights in a 1946 Piper Cub. Flying low and slow across seemingly endless prairies, through narrow mountain valleys, and over high mountain passes in the Rocky, Cascade and Appalachian Mountains, totaling some 71,695 miles, he and his passengers experience the extremes of Mother Nature's personality. As a purist, Frank navigates solely by aeronautical chart, plotter, stopwatch, airspeed and compass. His "seat of the pants" flying in a vintage tail-dragger gives the reader a feeling for what aviation was like in an almost bygone era.



Cubs on the Loose: Old Airplanes, New Adventures
By NC87881 and Lyle Wheeler

A unique and entertaining book about a series of barnstorming trips and aerial adventures, as told by the airplane itself!

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