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2006 The Doublestar Group

Warbird Alley's
Oshkosh AirVenture
2006 Photos

Final Page

Faded Glory 1: The weathered tail of the EAAs F-84F Thunderstreak.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

Faded Glory 2: Stars and Bars
Photo by Buck Wyndham

The eye-catching USAF Thunderbird colors on this T-33 almost make you forget that
the Thunderbirds never flew the T-33.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

The jet warbird flight line, in the early morning mist.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

A Vultee BT-13 Valiant huddles under threatening skies.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

Paul Keppler departs Oshkosh in his CT-133, headed for home. It was another great year at AirVenture!
Photo by Buck Wyndham



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