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2005 The Doublestar Group

Warbird Alley's
Oshkosh AirVenture
2005 Photos

Part 4

T-28 lineup on flight line

A neat lineup of North American T-28 Trojans. Nose the different nosewheel sizes of the "B" models and the "C" models.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

L-29 Delfin front view

The Aero L-29 Delfin is one of many jet types that has made regular appearances at Oshkosh. This example, N2819, is owned by Robert Schwartz of Davenport, Iowa.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

1944 Grumman G-44

A 1944 Grumman G-44 Widgeon, N141R.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

Re-enactor with Spitfire

Every year, a wonderful group of re-enactors in vintage flight gear make the warbird flight line at Oshkosh come alive. This gentleman was gracious enough to pose in the hot sun near a Supermarine Spitfire for the benefit of anyone who wanted a photo.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

Formation of T-6s and Yaks

A formation of T-6 Texans and a higher formation of Yak-52s and Nanchang CJ-6s pass overhead in a mass formation of trainers during the afternoon warbird airshow.
Photo by Buck Wyndham


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