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P-51 Mustang


Mustang two-ship formation over Geneseo, New York in 2007. Pilots: John "Skipper" Hyle in Old Red Nose (foreground) and Chris Baranaskas in Glamorous Gal (background).
(Photo by Brian McNair)
John "Skipper" Hyle pilots the CAF's "Old Red Nose" P-51D over Geneseo, New York, USA, in the summer of 2007. Photo by Seth Goltzer.

P-51D "American Beauty" in flight

Bud Granley flying Brian Reynolds' P-51D N51DK "American Beauty" (#44-74962) near Salem, Oregon USA on 18 August 2001. Photo by Jack Cook.

P-51D American Beauty

Another beautiful shot of Brian Reynolds' P-51, piloted by Bud Granley. Photo by Jack Cook.

P-51 Head-On

Photographer Jack Cook took advantage of a B-25's tail gun position to capture this view of P-51D American Beauty (N51DK). Photo by Jack Cook.


Here's lookin' up your nose...
Photo by Jack Cook.

P-51 Closeup!

Photographer Jack Cook appears to have risked life and limb to bring us this amazing photo. (How close can a Mustang's prop get before you flinch, Jack?) Thanks to pilot Bud Granley for not chopping one of our finest contributing photographers into small pieces.  Photo by Jack Cook.

P-51 formation

Contributing photographer Eric Griswold sent us this beautiful shot of a formation of Mustangs.

P-51 over amusement park

Photo by Eric Griswold.

Mustang 2-ship formation

A pair of Mustangs show off their sleek lines. Drop tanks like those mounted on Geraldine are rarely seen these days. Photo by Robb Gessert, taken 20 June 2002.

Jack Roush's P-51 Mustang "Old Crow"

Jack Roush's P-51D "Old Crow" at American Aero Services, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA. Photo by Dave Mathis, Port Orange, Florida.

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