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Mustang Survivors
By Paul Coggin

This book covers the world's population of existing A-36 and P-51 Mustangs, including the Commonwealth and Cavalier variants. Every surviving Mustang is listed, its military serial and last restorer is given, as is a short history of the aircraft. In addition, 50 of the better known Mustangs are covered in full with their complete military history and civil ownership records, and extended photographic coverage. The book includes detailed appendices including contact information for all the companies involved in Mustang restoration, Internet sites and other resources on the type. They also provide an accurate production list; a complete list of all the units that flew the Mustang; the Mustang as an Air Racer; and Mustang accidents.



The FlyPast Book of the P-51 Mustang
By Robert Rudhall

A new look at one of the world's greatest WWII fighters from FlyPast magazine. Includes many great photos and fascinating aircraft details.



P-51 Mustang: Development of the Long-Range Escort Fighter
By Paul A. Ludwig and Tom Tullis

Not just another book on the P-51 Mustang, this detailed and often controversial book forms an investigative analysis into the often--and little known--troubled design and development history of America’s premier piston-engine fighter aircraft -- a machine that would later become famous as the scourge of the Luftwaffe.

Supported by hundreds of rare photos and superb color artwork, Ludwig then weaves a carefully crafted story around the concept of the escort fighter leading to the Mustang’s eventual appearance in the skies over Berlin in March 1944 and some remarkable conclusions.



Mustang: North American P-51 (Living History Series WWII)
By Paul Perkins, Dan Patterson

This book uses historical re-enactors and magnificently restored aircraft to show cockpits, flight dress, gun ports, engines, and ground service responsibilities of the Mustang, perhaps the most important fighter of WWII. 58 color photos, 47 b&w photos and illustrations.



Mustang: Flying Legend
By John M. Dibbs and Stephen Grey

The greatest single-seat fighter to emerge from WWII is brought vividly to life through the stunning photography of John Dibbs. The story of the P-51 is told here through quotes and anecdotes of the greatest Mustang Aces in the European Theater of Operations during WWII. The past is revived through poignant archival images, and complemented by 21 of the finest and most accurate Mustang restorations flying today and shot especially for this volume. Stephen Grey, world famous historic aircraft authority, Mustang owner and pilot, details the men, the machines and the battle groups that flew this remarkable aircraft into the history books. Includes forewords by legendary Mustang Aces, Col. "Bud" Anderson and Col. Robert J. Goebel.



P-51 Mustang: From RAF to the Mighty Eighth (Color Classics Series)
By Michael O'Leary and Mark Wagner

Arguably one of the best P-51 Mustang photo books around...this 128-page book is crammed with good to very good color photographs of surviving P-51 Mustangs. You will find most variants depicted here, such as an P-51A, an A-36, a P-51B, P-51Ds, a P-51H to the Cavalier Mk2s. Even the Piper Enforcer gets its share. [From a reader review]



Legends of Air Combat: P-51 Mustang [DVD]
Produced by Military Heritage Institute

Chapter Titles:
 Origins and Development
 P-51 Goes to War
 The Aces
 P-51 in the Pacific Theater
 Legacy of the P-51 Mustang



Mustang P-51 Fighter (Roaring Glory Warbirds Series) [DVD]
Directed by Kevin Lucero

In this video, historian and pilot Jeff Ethell shows you the Mustang, up close and personal, while explaining the features and history of the airplane. Then he takes you into the cockpit for the ride of a lifetime.



Mustang Designer: Edgar Schmued and the P-51
By Ray Wagner

This book is the personal history of the principal designer of the Mustang, and a chronicle of the day-to-day engineering processes and thought processes which resulted in this extraordinary airplane.



North American P-51 Mustang (Warbird Tech Series, Vol. 5)
By Frederick A. Johnsen

Fascinating technical details behind the design and performance of one of the world's most famous combat aircraft. Many technical manual details and diagrams.

Dumb But Lucky! Confessions of a P-51 Pilot in World War II
By Richard K. Curtis

Second Lieutenant Dick Curtis arrived in Italy in May 1944, twenty years old and part of a shipment of P-51 Mustang fighter pilots so desperately needed that they were rushed into combat with less than thirty hours of flight time in their new high-performance aircraft. Six of the twelve pilots assigned to the 52nd Fighter Group were shot down in the first two weeks. By his ninth mission, Curtis was the only one still flying. A maverick, he barely escaped court-martial with his high-flying antics. This hair-raising account captures the air war in all its split-second terror and adrenaline-pumping action.



North American Aviation: P-51 Mustang
(Osprey "Production Line to Frontline" Series #1)

By Michael O'Leary

The truly amazing story of the development and production of the P-51, from its initial concept to the flight testing of the first prototype. Contains many interesting photographs.


The Fight in the Clouds: The Extraordinary Combat Experience
of P-51 Mustang Pilots During WWII

By James P. Busha

This is as close as you'll get to a World War II-era P-51 Mustang without flying one yourself. Aviation writer and EAA Warbirds of America editor James P. Busha narrates a spellbinding collection of tales of P-51 Mustang combat throughout the war. Drawing on interviews conducted with dozens of veteran P-51 pilots, the book traces the progress of war through the exciting, chronologically organized experiences of the men who actually flew the planes into war.


Tabletop Clock: P-51 Mustang 70th Anniversary Clock/Thermometer
By The Bradford Exchange

9-1/2" wingspan
  -Hand-cast bronze with rich gold trim
  -Wooden base with quartz-accurate analog clock and indoor temperature gauge
  -Engraved golden plaque commemorates the P-51's inaugural flight

Add a bit of unique warbird decor to any room in your home.


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