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B-25 Mitchell (Warbird Tech, Vol. 12)

By Frederick A. Johnsen

One of a series of layman's guides to military aircraft, this text on the B-25 Mitchell includes de-classified military schematics, detailed technical specifications, original military design illustrations, photographs from assembly line to flight line and behind-the-scenes information.


B-25 Mitchell Units of the MTO
By Steve Pace and Jim Laurier (Illustrator)

During the course of World War II, throughout the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (which encompassed some 7500 square miles of enemy air space), five USAAF medium-class bomb groups and their 20 bomb squadrons used their allotments of B-25 Mitchell aircraft to perfection. From low-altitude strafing to high-altitude bombing runs, the B-25s in the MTO proved themselves to be a most successful brood of combat aircraft. This volume includes first-hand accounts.



PBJ Mitchell Units of the Pacific War

By Jerry Scutts and Jim Laurier

Flown exclusively by the US Marines, the PBJ was one of those rare examples of an air force type being procured by the navy due to its ability to do exactly the job that was required of it. Bought as a land-based patrol bomber for operations in the Atlantic and Pacific, the PBJ (Patrol, Bomber, North American) was outfitted to hunt down submarines as well as surface vessels. Identical to its air force counterpart, except for its ability to lay mines, deploy depth charges and launch torpedoes, some 706 PBJs were delivered to the Marine Corps from 1943-45. This book outlines the aircraft’s history and technology, and takes a closer look at the men who flew it.


North American B-25 Mitchell

By Jerry Scutts

The author tells the full story of the B-25's development, operational use and post-war career in this illustrated history of the aircraft.

North American B-25 Mitchell: The Ultimate Look:
From Drawing Board to Flying Arsenal

By William Wolf

A comprehensive, meticulously researched volume describing the celebrated World War II B-25 Mitchell. The reader is given an inclusive description and appraisal of the bomber's development, testing, manufacture. Every aspect of the aircraft, its equipment, and crew is described and illustrated in comprehensive detail. Since the Mitchell was renowned for its combat versatility its armament and ordnance are described and depicted at length. This book is truly the "Ultimate Look" at the B-25 and a must for the World War II aviation enthusiast, historian, and modeler.


B-25 Mitchell in Civil Service
by Scott A. Thompson

The story of the B-25 in civilian service. Thompson lists the individual histories of all these B-25s. It shows FAA listed owners, civilian use as fire bombers, corporate transport, test beds, movie work and their eventual fate. The book should be a valuable tool for the historian and enthusiast alike. Contains many, many photos -- both color and black and white.

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