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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


A view out the left side of EAA's B-17G "Aluminum Overcast" (Serial No. 44-85740) N5017N, as it banks to the left after takeoff from Waukegan, Illinois. Photo by Donald Hickey.
Noisy seat, anyone? When you occupy this seat in a B-17 for any length of time, you begin to appreciate the sound-fatigue which must have been suffered by young crews in World War II. Photo by Donald Hickey.
The crew of "Aluminum Overcast" guides their bomber over the pastoral Illinois countryside. Note the addition of modern digital navigation and communication gear to the instrument panel.  Photo by Donald Hickey.
There are many vantage points in a B-17 which evoke strong feelings. The top turret is one of them. It's easy to imagine yourself as a scared 19-year old gunner, waiting for the Fw-190s to appear... Photo by Donald Hickey.
B-17G Aluminum Overcast taxies to the ramp after another memorable sightseeing mission. Photo by Donald Hickey.


Photographer Donald Hickey comments on his B-17 flight experience:

"This summer [2001] my family and I took a ride in the EAA's B-17. It was money well-spent! I would recommend [the experience] to anyone. Special thanks to the members of the EAA who make it possible for us to enjoy."

(Editor's Note: If you're interested in taking a ride in Aluminum Overcast,
see their Web site for more information: www.B17.org.)

More B-17 Photos:

B-17 Fuddy Duddy The crew of Boeing B-17 "Fuddy Duddy" guides the big bomber over Lake Michigan, enroute to the plane's former home in Elmira, New York. Photo by Tim Hirst.
B-17 "Thunderbird" opens its bomb-bay doors for a low pass at the 2001 Dayton Air and Trade Show, Ohio, USA.
Photo by Greg Bartram / Better Image.
"Thunderbird" rolls in for another bomb-run at the Dayton Air and Trade Show. Photo by Greg Bartram / Better Image.
B-17G "Nine O Nine," operated by the Collings Foundation, taxies at the New Smyrna Beach Airport, Florida, USA, on 14 March 2003. Photo by Dave Mathis, Port Orange, Florida.
Aluminum Overcast B-17 Flying Fortress Although this photo of "Aluminum Overcast", EAA's B-17G, looks like it could have been taken in wartime England in 1944, photographer Sonny Jones captured it at Mount Comfort airfield, east of Indianapolis, Indiana, in May of 1996.
B-17G Liberty Belle The pilots fire up the #4 engine as a ground crewman crouches underneath and finishes his preparations for the launch of B-17G "Liberty Belle" at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, Sevierville, Tennessee, on 28 June 2005. Photo by Sonny Jones.

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