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Douglas AD Skyraider (Crowood Aviation Series)
By Peter C. Smith

Illustrated with more than 200 photos, including a color section, this is a thoroughly-researched history of the design, development, and service history of one of the most rugged and versatile pisto
n aircraft ever flown.



Skyraider: The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War

By Robert F. Dorr

The complete story of the hard-working A-1 "Flying Dumptruck" in the Vietnam War.


Douglas AD-1 Skyraider [DVD]
U.S. Army Air Forces

A DVD collection of various U.S. Government training videos about the AD-1 Skyraider:

1. "Saga of a Skyraider" -- A short story by the Navy on the history of the AD Skyraider. Also, lots of footage of the USS Corral Sea, CV-43. Runtime 10:31.

2. "Carriers of Korea" -- A very rare footage of the US Carriers fighting the North Koreans by Naval armament. Lots of carrier action and combat footage. B/W Runtime 13:09.

3. "WW2 Korea AD-1 Newsreels" -- A collection of short films on AD-1 Skyraiders from WW2 to Korea. a). Navy 's new Dive Bombers. b). Navy uses F6F as guided bomb! c). Korean Attack Carriers. d). Carriers planes bomb the enemy. e). Summary of the Korean war. Runtime 15: 52:00.

4. "Story of Korea" -- A US Navy film that explains why and how we fought not only the North Koreans but the Chinese too. Runtime 50:18.

5. "Vietnam AD-1 Newsreels" -- 7th fleet practice raids before admirals. Another great collection. Runtime 20:10.



Skyraider: The Douglas A-1 "Flying Dump Truck"
By Rosario Rausa

The story of the A-1, written by a former Navy Skyraider pilot who flew this remarkable airplane. Covers the history of the design, from its conception in 1944 to its last missions in Vietnam.

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AD-5 Skyraider
(sketch courtesy Peter Michas)

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